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Rubber Bellows Range

Suitable for all types of equipment including pumps, mixers, compressors and agitators.
Recommended for duties with media containing solids.

Armadillo Retainer

The unique retainer protects the majority of the bellows, preventing particulate in the product from clogging the bellows and causing premature failure.

Pre-Tensioned Spring

The patented T Slot retainer design, ensures that the spring is pre-tensioned before assembly reducing the stress applied to the bellows in its pre-installed state

Drive Through Retainer

Metal to metal drive ensures that the drive force is transmitted through the retainer and not the bellows, reducing the risk of bellows failure. Maximized material thickness and specially designed spring ensures that disengagement does not occur

Resiliently Mounted Face

Ensures that the rotary face cannot fall out of the seal on installation. It also reduces the stresses applied to the face on start up and so reducing the likelihood of chipping / cracking

Parallel Spring Type

Ideal replacements for/alternatives to the original John Crane Type 1 & Type 2 and subsequent applications/machines developed around the installation dimensions for these original John Crane designs.

Patented Drive Mechanism

A common failure mode in seals of this type, is the drive mechanism between two relatively thin metallic members. To overcome this problem, the AESSEALĀ® patented design incorporates over 250% additional drive area, reducing the possibility of seal face hang-up and/or premature seal failure.

Axially Retaining Lug

The patented design means that the drive ring is axially retained in the retainer preventing separation during installation. This helps to eliminate a common problem with traditional parallel spring seal designs

Full Convoluted Diaphragm

The Full Convolution Diaphragm allows for more axial movement of the rotary face than the half-convolution Bellows. This enables the seal rotary to track the stationary much better in the event of misalignment of the two faces . The full convolution bellows can also compensate for more wear of the rotary face, and handle higher pressures.

F - Seals

The AESSEAL F- component seal range is specifically designed to minimize bug traps and meet FDA/FSA/EU requirements. We control the design and procurement of virtually every component to ensure that they meet the standards our customers expect.

Sterile Sealing Rings

Reduce all product side bug traps, cavities where product and bacteria can settle or build up, aiding clean in place operations reducing maintenance and product damage losses.

Larger Ports

The M0FCA includes larger ports than competitor seals to improve cooling by increasing the flow rate of cool fluid that passes into and out of the seal helping to regulate the seal face temperatures and so improve the seal reliability

Agitating Sleeve Design

Our Agitating Sleeve Design increases the fluid flow around the seal faces ensuring the fluid circulates around the entire shaft diameter and so improving the dissipation of heat, leading to improved cooling and better seal life.

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